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Our ads are in Guadeloupe since 1989. The exemption, the purchase, sale, rental villas and apartments in the communes of Gosier, St. Anne, St. Francis, Moule, Baie Mahault, Petit Bourg, Guava, Santa Rosa are our specialties.

To find your villa, your apartment, your hiring of holidays...

Welcome !

iMMo 971 proposes the consultation future French purchasers and abroad a data base of real goods (commercial dwellings, buildings and professionals) distributed on the Guadeloupe.

The real goods proposed with the consultation result exclusively from mandates signed by the owners.

Real estate Guadeloupe
Our Estate agents iMMo971 Gosier iMMo971 St. Francis and offer real estate in Guadeloupe on common Gosier, Petit Bourg, Baie Mahault, Guava, St. Anne, St. Francis, Moule, Lamentin and Sainte Rose.
We support you in the purchase or sale of the rental property on the territory of Guadeloupe (French West Indies island).

The Transactions of villas, apartments

ou terrains dans les DOM sont assujettis aux mêmes règles du commerce immobilier qu'en France métropolitaine. Or land in the DOMs are subject to the same trade rules that real estate France.

Guadeloupe and Defiscalisation

Programs in tax exemption is presented annually to the public in the form of houses fully equipped standings. The law allows Girardin defiscaliser up 50% of the property value over a period of 5 years; Défiscaliser in Girardin Act allows for all taxpayers to deduct tax directly from the amount défiscalisé.
Check out the apartments in tax exemption.

Purchase or sale of real estate in Guadeloupe

Sell or buy an act Guadeloupe simple if you go to a real estate agency as iMMo 971.
Our mastery of the real estate in Guadeloupe and knowledge of common Gosier, St. Francis, Baie Mahault, Lamentin, Saint Rose, Saint Anne and Petit-Bourg guarantee the timeliness and safety of real estate transactions.
Indulge yourself, buy an apartment by the sea in Guadeloupe

Rent in Guadeloupe

Tenants in search of your principal residence, please contact our service team long-term lease, a brief description of your needs us just to give you an apartment or a villa your budget.


iMMo 97.1

Agence de Gosier (siège)

8, Place Créole, Marina Bas-du-Fort
97190 Gosier

Guadeloupe - F.W.I.

Tél : 05 90 90 90 86
Fax : 05 90 93 66 13
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iMMo 97.1

Agence de Saint-François

Av. de l'Europe, Immeuble Golf Marine,
97118 Saint François

Guadeloupe - F.W.I.

Tél: 05 90 85 12 20
Fax: 05 90 85 12 23
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immobilier Guadeloupe

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